A majestic land of breathtaking beauty where you’ll discover our best kept secret… the finest salmon on earth.

Yakutat, Alaska is located in the gulf of Alaska and is the epicenter of the world’s most pristine wild Salmon. Our salmon, live in the cleanest waters known to man.  Our fish have never been farmed… in fact, salmon farming is illegal in Alaska.  Yakutat Wild Salmon have never been threatened nor endangered.  The local rivers have never seen dams, commercial fish traps, hatcheries or hydroelectric power plants.

With our long season and access to daily jet service… we provide the freshest product with proven consistency. YakutatWild™ is the regional seafood brand for salmon fisheries in and around the waters of Yakutat.  This brand was created by the local community to communicate to the public what we have always known – we have the highest quality salmon in the world! Yakutat Wild Salmon… abundant, natural and healthy.


Yakutat Wild salmon can go from our river to your dinner in less than 24 hours… never frozen.


Yakutat Wild has a unique advantage in the wild salmon industry as one of Earth’s Super foods.


You can be assured Yakutat Wild salmon are caught responsibly in sustainably managed fisheries.


Our salmon have never been threatened nor endangered… Our runs are natural and healthy,

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